Changing demographics and increasing populations impacts on the way in which we live and the construction and maintenance of the buildings in which we call home. Leviathan are committed to assisting our clients achieve an urban infrastructure which maximises the quality of life for communities and the ways in which we live and interact within them.

Our knowledge of whole building management systems enables us to achieve comfortable spaces for residents whilst creating and maintaining sustainable, energy efficient and cost sensitive buildings and investments for our customers. With experience on both large and small scale residential and mixed use developments we can offer a full range of services from concept stage through to ongoing maintenance and remediation. Leviathan have specialist expertise in façade fire compliance and the way in which it interacts with both active and passive fire safety measures.

As urban living adapts and evolves for today’s generation and the next we understand the importance of being able to provide high quality living infrastructure adaptable to tomorrow’s needs whilst being able to support and interact with our environment to ensure sustainability and longevity.