Leviathan are able to offer their clients a comprehensive range of services encompassing the whole life management of a building. This includes the provision of mechanical, electrical and public health building services at stages including procurement, design, construction, operation, maintenance, refurbishment and decommissioning.

Our holistic approach ensures an enhanced end user experience through innovative and fully integrated design, operation and maintenance of building services to deliver bespoke client facilities while minimising risk and maximising value.

We are also experienced in reviewing existing M&E services and infrastructure where functionality may have been compromised and capital works and expenditure are needed. This includes comprehensive surveys and inspections for clients before and during the purchase or letting of new facilities to provide an indication of future expenditure and works needs.

Leviathan are committed to the sustainable use of our environment and the promotion of energy efficient solutions to sustainable building design and maintenance. We work with our clients to successfully combine services including ventilation, heating, cooling and water supply in a resourceful but yet cost efficient way.